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Select event and obtain ticket

Find a museum worldwide

CULTURTICKETS portal offers thousands of cultural events and general museum information worldwide. Your next visit to an event or museum is very easy to find at CULTURTICKETS. Do a search on the portal CULTURTICKETS and locate the event that best suits your plans and interests. You may find cultural events and museums by looking for a geographic area, city, state or country or if you prefer by artists or genre.

It will provide recommendations and concert dates precisely tailored to your interests. You could sign up for our free tickets, purchase tickets or request an alert if the event is sold out and you're willing to wait for a tickets to be offered.

Purchase and receive tickets

When you have chosen an event, just select the number of tickets you need. Add to the basket as many events as you desire. When you have completed your selection, complete the purchase by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or CULTURTICKETS Gift Card. For more information on the buying process, please visit the menu and select Your Tickets. Prices for events are set by event promoter or museum. CULTURTICKETS does not apply surcharges to event ticket prices, unless otherwise listed on an event.

Choose seats

In events with numbered seating, you can choose the actual location of your seating. Pricing for numbered seating are determined by the seating chart of the venue. The seating chart prices are based on location within the facility and their availability. If booking more than one entry the event organizer will assign adjacent seats.


Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and bank transfer (ACH) are accepted forms of payment. Whenever a transaction is within 92 hours of an event, payment by bank transfer is not available. Payment should be received in full, in order to process any reservation. Payments by bank transfer may take longer to be processed, depending on the requirements of the financial institution. If you want to pay with a CULTURTICKETS Gift Card just enter the code in the box indicated in your shopping cart. If you still have balance, you can use in future purchases for up to a year.


This is a free option offered by CULTURTICKETS. Your account My CULTURTICKETS allows you to view your orders, print or download your electronic tickets and modify the information you provided, at any time.

Ticket delivery options


The term 'e-ticket' or 'E-Tickets indicates that tickets will be sent by email rather than printed on the box office and sent by regular mail. Tickets are sent in PDF (Portable Document File) format attached to the email. You can print the e-ticket on any printer at your convenience and / or save the attachment to your computer. Tickets can be printed full size on plain white paper using black ink or color. You can use Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later to open the attached PDF file. Adobe can be downloaded for free in With e-Ticket, you will be free from all worries about lost in the mail, postage or delivery. If you do not have a printer, you can still purchase your e-ticket online; simply forward the email confirmation of purchase to any computer with a printer and then print. You can also activate a free online account My CULTURTICKETS and send your e-Ticket via fax (for example, upon receipt of your hotel or office). For most events, you can also receive input CULTURTICKETS Mobile; this option is available when indicated during the purchasing process.

Handy Ticket

When choosing the mobile option (available for most events), you can access the event with your ID and mobile phone. The mobile option means you cannot forget the tickets. Show your mobile ticket ID at the box office to access the site. As simple as that: Your ticket input is sent to you via SMS whenever you select this option whenever available (depends on the event capabilities). Whenever the option of Mobile Entry is available, you will receive easy to use instructions and event description.

Ticket Fax Title Faq

Ticket Fax Text Faq

Privacy Policy

The data needed for shopping, Ticket Alerts requests, sweepstakes entries, accounts My CULTURTICKETS or subscription to newsletters will be recorded for the sole purpose of providing a service customer and for internal accounting purposes. Your data will be protected and will never be transmitted to third parties.

Safe shopping

Internet portal CULTURTICKETS is a safe and highly valued page. When you start the buying process and payment, you will be automatically redirected to a secure Internet connection. You will see 'https' at the beginning of the address on the payment page, indicating that the transaction takes place in an encrypted mode and SSL (Secure Socket Layer, Secure Sockets Layer) protection, In addition, CULTURTICKETS is a member of the network of Trusted Shops (Stores Trust) and strictly maintains the safety standards required by this membership.

Ticket prices

CULTURTICKETS is a direct and official partner of all the museums, exhibition halls, concerts and organizations offered on the portal. The ticket prices are determined by the organizer or venue of each concert. Resale tickets are not offered in the CULTURTICKETS portal. The rates offered on the website of CULTURTICKETS, and any offer or group rates represent the final price. Prices will include taxes, whenever determined and in some case a symbolic fee service. If you are charged a service fee on your order it will be indicated clearly during the purchase process. No shipping charges or any other fees are added.

Ticket Rates helps clients, local and concert organizers at the time of booking by WHAT??? DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. The rates offered on the website of CULTURTICKETS, and any offer or group rate mentioned in phone sales, represent the final and final price. They include all the value-added tax and in some cases a symbolic fee service. Being a direct partner of all our concerts and event’s organizers, CULTURTICKETS is able tomaintain low rates for its consumers. If you are charging a service fee to your order it will be indicated clearly during the process. No shipping charges or any other fees are added.

Customer care

Lost tickets / not received

Please look first on your junk mail or spam folder of your email service whenever you cannot find the email with your tickets. If that occurs, please add to your address book as a safe sender. At any time you can access your e-tickets in your account for free at My CULTURTICKETS (

Cancellation or change

In the rare occurrence hat an organizer must cancel an event; CULTURTICKETS immediately will refund 100% of your order. Refunds by credit card can take some time before the refund appears on your statement, depending on the banking services by the institution that issued the card. As a courtesy to you, we will also suggest programs and / or alternative dates that may replace the event canceled. Ticket to any event is a binding contract, and as such thee are no refunds for cancellations by customers. CULTURTICKETS may contact the event organizer on your behalf and transmit your request for a refund. In some cases it might be possible for a partial refund in the form of Gift Certificate. To learn more about our cancellation policies, please read our Terms and Conditions of Use. To request a date change in a previously reserved performance, please contact our Customer Care Center at and gladly we will endeavor to find a solution if available at no cost. CULTURTICKETS, as an additional courtesy to you, will contact the organizer of the event chosen to assist in confirming a date change and make the necessary changes in your e-Ticket. In some cases it may be possible to request a change of date.

Group orders

Group discounts are posted whenever offered by event promoter. For groups of 10 or more people please contact our Customer Care Center at if a group discount is not posted to see if the event promoter would apply some special discount.

Orders by phone

If you are not comfortable with online shopping, or if you are not familiar with them, please contact our Customer Care Center at the number +34 902 881 995.


Our Customer Service is at your disposal. For our kind assistance you can use email, Fax (+34) 91 829 1243 or telephone +34 902 881 995.

Ver mis pedidos / Imprimir o Enviar por fax mis entradas

At MyCULTURTICKETS account you can see all their pending and previous orders, print or reprint the tickets you purchased.

Account management

You will see the 'Account Settings' option on the home page of your My CULTURTICKETS. From there you can manage information, change your password and check the account details.

Modify password

You can access your account My CULTURTICKETS by clicking this link, which is also displayed on the home page of the portal CULTURTICKETS. You will have the opportunity to modify your password on the login page. Please enter your email address to receive a new password. You can change this password to one of your choice as you access your account. The new password will be sent to you via a secured email.


My account CULTURTICKETS is a free service offered to our customers. With this account you can instantly access the information or status of orders, manage payments and e-Tickets.


Please contact our Customer Care Center in if you need our assistance with your My CULTURTICKETS account.

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The Partner Program TICKETS CULTURE (B2B),allows designated travel agencies, bus companies, schools, hotels, cultural associations, and other interested institutions to offer access to events, museums, exhibitions, theater, opera, classical music. It may be a source of new services to their customers and an option of additional experiences while traveling. For more information, please click here or write to to contact our sales staff.

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Our history


To promote cultural and art events worldwide, by creating a tool that would show all the options available by place or interest and entice everyone to enjoy life though culture.Culturtickets was born in 2013. Four technology enthusiasts combined their personal passion for art with their software engineering background. They decided to create a portal to the world of culture that would be easy to use, be a window to all the events in a given area and help everyone from artist, event promoters or anyone to find ways to enjoy art.

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CULTURTICKETS portal receives thousands of customer reviews each month and has a rating of 4.7 / 5. = s Samples of reviews submitted by customers is listed by clicking HERE.

Press room

The press room contains CULTURTICKETS online media resources such as the portrait of the company, its facts and figures, photos and press releases, all ready to be downloaded and to publish when and where necessary.

Tickets - FAQs

When will I receive my ticket?

Upon your order and payment confirmation, the portal will send e-tickets to you via email. A small number of events may not process the purchase order immediately, taking longer to confirm the ticket order. In those cases you will receive first an email informing you of the situation and asking you to confirm your order. The e-ticket will come a few hours later, in a second e-mail, after we have received confirmation from the venue. Many event organizers also offer a choice of Mobile Entry, if you prefer not to use a paper ticket. You will be prompted during the reservation process whenever this option is available. If you need more information about printing the e-ticket, please click here. For additional information, please contact our Customer Care Center at

How do I choose seats?

If you received a Gift Certificate from CULTURTICKETS you need to type the code into your shopping cart for CULTURTICKETS to accept as payment. The remaining balance will be valid for future purchases for a year. The Gift Card is only valid for online purchases and cannot be used at the ticket counter of an event or as in the place of an e-Ticket.

How do I use a Gift Card?

If you received a Gift Certificate TICKETS CULTUR only you need to type the code into your shopping cart for CULTURTICKETS the payment. The remaining balance will remain valid for future purchases for a year. The Gift Card is only valid for online purchases and can not be used in the enclosure instead of an e-Ticket.

Customer Line

Our online Customer Service will help gladly answering any questions. Please send an email to or call +34 902 881 995.